Demystifying a Typical At-Home Training Session

Every workout will begin with a light warmup. A chance to establish your goals for the day, and talk with your trainer about your questions, progress, and what you hope to get most out of the session.

The warmup places a priority on breathing technique. If you’re not in control of your breath, you’re not in control of your body. We’ll stretch, and slowly warmup your heart rate. This gives your trainer a chance to help you walk through some of the motions you’ll be doing during your workout. You’ll practice them in “slow-motion” without any weights to ensure proper range of motion and that you’re breathing correctly throughout the movement. In other words, you’ll be confident you’re safe and ready to slowly increase the intensity of the work.

The main workout consists of two areas of emphasis, core and strength & resistance training.

Because we also want to keep your heart rate elevated within certain zones, the workout functions best as a circuit. This means completing two or more exercises one right after the other, often with very little break in between.

For example, your trainer might have you perform a weighted squat for 10 repetitions, followed immediately by a 30-second plank or similar core moves. Preforming these two different kinds of exercise immediately together exhausts two different kinds of fat cells within your body. One with energy stored for strength and bursts of high intensity, and another stored for endurance and sustained resistance. Forcing the body to produce both kinds of energy compels it to become more efficient, making you more fit and strong and successful!

One method that helps clients gauge their effort is the “1-10 scale of intensity.” A warmup and light breathing/stretching might be a “2” or a “3” on that scale, where it is still very easy to have a conversation and take deep, full breaths. Whereas a “7” or “8” on that scale means you’re only able to say two or three words before needing to stop and take a deep breath.

Your trainer will work with you to identify this scale for your own ability level and how to manage your efforts for the best possible results.

Remember also that your trainer is creating a series of exercises specifically for you and your goals, based on the initial fitness assessment and your on-going progress. Nothing is necessarily preordained. You’ll see the best results when you’re learning to improvise and evolve with your workouts. Co-authoring those efforts with your trainer is at the heart of the concierge approach Indy at Home Fitness brings to its clients.