Our Story

Fitness changed my life.

I believe in it’s capacity to change the lives of others as well.

But for many people it can seem out of reach with busy lives and a world that always seems to keep spinning faster. So I founded Indy At Home Fitness to bring the power of exercise into the homes of those who are ready for change, but need the flexibility of a trainer who comes directly to them and not the other way around.

Some clients are looking to take the next step in an on-going fitness journey, while others are looking to find guidance and support for the very first time.

But on every end of the spectrum, there’s progress to be made and success to be found. It isn’t out of reach for anyone… and it is my vision to help others see it realized in their own lives.

Indy At Home Fitness brings an Indianapolis personal trainer right into your home, on your schedule.

I hope you’ll reach out and let us show you a better way to get healthy and strong right from within your own home.

Our workouts are 100% customized to your experience level and your goals. One-on-one instruction and the encouragement needed to make the progress you know you’re capable of achieving.

Let us know how best we can serve you and let’s walk toward a healthier future together.

To Your Health,

– RJ

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