Packages & Pricing

Because our clients are busy parents and working professionals, they know the value of their time and how hard it can be to find even just one hour to themselves. Many are also surprised to learn that prices at traditional “big box gyms” for an Indianapolis personal trainer can be as high as $100 per hour, and often involve lengthy contracts and commitments.

Indy At Home Fitness offers its clients a simplified, manageable, and affordable commitment to reaching their fitness goals. With monthly and quarterly options, you’ll be able to pick a package that best matches your availability and your long-term goals. For clients who are new to at-home personal training, you can read more about how the program works here.

Furthermore, we don’t have any long-term contracts or up-front fees. No pressures of the traditional gym setting. Your fitness goals change. Your life changes. Most of all, you need a trainer and a partner who can grow and evolve with you. Therefore, we don’t offer any package longer than 90 days at a time. In some cases, an Indianapolis personal trainer can require a commitment of 6 months or a year!

Flexible scheduling, affordable plans, and a trainer who brings the gym to you! Indy At Home Fitness is removing all the traditional obstacles of succeeding with a personal training program. It’s time to start YOUR journey with the package that’s right for you.

  • Single session in your home
  • Full 60-minute workout
10% Off
4 sessions - $280
  • 8 Sessions (2x per week) - $550
  • 24/7 Text & Email Support
  • Diet & Nutrition Analysis
  • Custom Graduation Report
15% Off
12 Sessions - $775
  • 24 Sessions (2x per week) - $1,540
  • 24/7 Text & Email Support
  • Diet & Nutrition Analysis
  • Monthly Skype Sessions for on-going support between workouts