The Workout

Indy At Home Fitness is built on a proprietary series of exercises specifically designed to be done inside the home. Completely customized to each client’s ability levels and ultimate goals, you’ll be challenged while safely learning to push past your comfort zone. Whether you’re looking for a Fishers personal trainer, a Carmel personal trainer, or an Indianapolis personal trainer we’ve got a plan and a solution that’ll work for your goals.

No two workouts are the same, and each will be tailored to your fitness levels and progress through your training. In general, a workout includes some combination of the following:


Busy professionals, parents, and adults carry such stress and tension with us on a daily basis. Your workout begins with stretching and basic body movements designed to prepare it for exercise and calm the mind to focus on the task at hand. You’ll learn stretching routines you can implement on your own in between sessions with your trainer. Every effort is made to warmup the entire body, mind, and core before beginning any strenuous training for the session.

You’ll learn breathing techniques that correspond to each stretch and have an opportunity to get in touch with your body and its readiness for your workout.

TIME: A typical warmup takes between 5 and 7 minutes at the beginning of your session.

Resistance Training

For some, weight & resistance training can be intimidating. But we go to great lengths to make sure each client feels safe and understands the methodology behind WHY this form of training is beneficial and foundational to lasting fitness success.

Most resistance training is done with free weights (dumbbells) and body weight movements. Many clients benefit most from compound movements that enlist as many major muscle groups as possible. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pushups and burpees elevate the heart rate and help develop total body control.

In addition to exercises targeting the body’s largest muscle groups, we’ll focus on each client’s “hard to get” areas with some smaller movements and lifts that can fine tune the work done by the larger muscle groups.

Placing an emphasis on the larger muscle groups also increases your resting metabolism when you’re not exercising. In other words, when the largest muscles in the body are triggered to grow they’ll also burn the most fat in the process.

TIME: Resistance training usually accounts for about 30-40 minutes of a workout.

Core Exercises

The “Core” (abdominals, lower back, hips) is enlisted throughout much of the resistance training. But because so many clients struggle with issues such as posture, lower back and knee pain, we often look to target the core specifically to build strength that supports you in fitness and your daily life.

Using medicine balls, body weight, and proper form you’ll be able to train the entire core (not just the most common upper abdominal region). As with all the exercises you’ll do, you will be learning how to preform them on your own without your trainer. Clients can then create smaller morning or evening routines for themselves to stay on track in between workouts when time is limited.

TIME: Core work usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Cool-Down & Goal Setting

The workout will finish with some light stretching and flexibility work to calm the body down. This is also the time to talk with your trainer about your session. Where did you feel the most challenged? What areas seem most important to focus on in your next session? What questions do you have about how to prepare in between appointments?

You’ll co-author your next steps with your Fishers personal trainer based on your progress and desired results.

The last few minutes of the session can also be a great time to review nutrition and meal prep strategies for yourself and your family. Your trainer can help identify areas of your diet that may need improvement or recommend new foods/recipes for you to try as you reach toward your goals.

TIME: A cool down takes about 5 minutes.

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